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Our weapons

1. Strong name and trademark:
The word “JOKE” is a well-known and pleasant word, whose sound alone creates a happy mood. Everyday a new joke is put up in the shop window, thus expanding this mood and increasing the desire to enter the store in order to satisfy one’s curiosity.
2. Store appearance:
Our stores have a pleasant exterior and interior filled with happy colours (blue, red, white), practical furniture, strong lighting, lively and youthful music, friendly staff and the most successful merchandise on the market.
3. Merchandise:
The humorous items that we sell are first in sales in all our stores. We are experts in these items, seeing as we have the ideas, we implement them and we alone sell them, controlling the market in this way.

However, our 25 years of experience have taught us that a store cannot have great results if it is dependent on only one category of merchandise. For this reason you will also find in our stores other successful categories, e.g. stuffed toys, toys for children, decorative ornaments, personal gifts, seasonal items, etc.

These goods are supplied by suppliers who have been selected based on the marketability of their products and their good conduct. We have managed to achieve discounts from all these business associates due to the strength provided to us by the size of the network.
4. Prospects:
An extremely significant factor when it comes to investments is that one feels secure and certain about the future. Our answer to this difficult issue is that new ideas are always necessary in order to maintain the interest of consumers.
We can meet this need to a great degree as it is out specialty to come up with and implement new ideas. This is also the reason why we have little competition and are not threatened by department stores.
5. Investment yield:
Investment in such a store is of the lowest in the market, but presents one of the highest yields. This is due to the fact that the store does not need to be large in size (35 metres minimum), the value of the merchandise is not great, the profit percentage is high and, lastly, our suppliers give us substantial discounts.
6. Contract:
As we believe that the point is for an investor to work and make a profit, and not for him to be “bound” with multi-page “tricky” contracts, we drew up a two-page contract that covers the basic issues and leaves room for the collaborating businesses to take initiative.



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